Indoor Air Quality: Formaldehyde monitoring

Formaldehyde Monitoring to reduce indoor air pollution

Following article lists sources of formaldehyde causing indoor air pollution, why measurement of indoor formaldehyde is necessary i.e. need for formaldehyde monitoring, harmful effects of formaldehyde on human health and how indoor formaldehyde is measured i.e. formaldehyde monitoring.

Formaldehyde is a common constituent of adhesives used in particle board, carpeting and furniture. The use of formaldehyde has been modified in recent years to reduce its release from these products. As formaldehyde resins are used in many construction materials it is one of the more common indoor air pollutants. Therefore, formaldehyde monitoring is especially required after any new construction activity.

Formaldehyde can cause serious health repercussions for humans. It is a known carcinogen. Formaldehyde gas is a commonly available pollutant. It is recommended that the level of formaldehyde does not exceed 0.1 ppm for offices and 0.03 ppm for homes and formaldehyde monitoring must be done. Higher levels of formaldehyde can be harmful for humans.

Formaldehyde is an irritant for the eyes and mucous membranes, resulting in watery eyes. Formaldehyde inhaled at this low concentration may cause headaches, a burning sensation in the throat, and difficulty breathing, as well as triggering or aggravating asthma symptoms. Exposure to higher concentration in long run can also cause cancer. Proper and increased ventilation is required just after new construction is done to ensure lower levels of formaldehyde due to new activity.

formaldehyde meter for Formaldehyde monitoring

Formaldehyde monitoring is done by using formaldehyde meter. It is used to measure formaldehyde concentrations in indoor air over a period of time to ensure safety of buildings occupants.

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