Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Oxygen (O2) using Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen (O2) Monitoring using Oxygen sensor

Following article lists sources of indoor oxygen, why measurement of indoor oxygen is necessary, harmful effects of lack of oxygen on human health and how indoor oxygen is measured using oxygen sensor.

Oxygen is a colourless, odorless and tasteless gas. In indoor environments, oxygen is generated by indoor plants which convert carbon dioxide into oxygen by a process called photosynthesis. Oxygen is also bought in by HVAC systems which bring in outside air. The amount of oxygen present in outside air and the ventilation rate determines the amount of oxygen present indoors in big corporate facilities. This is the major source of oxygen indoors. Outside air is generally treated and tested for oxygen by using oxygen sensor before mixing with indoor air.

Oxygen (O2) forms the basis of human life on earth. Humans intake oxygen by a process called respiration. This oxygen is carried by RBCs (red blood cells) all over the body to break down foods to provide body with nutrients and energy. Individual oxygen requirement levels can be found by using Oximeter which has an oxygen sensor. The levels of oxygen can be low in offices. Therefore, use of gas sensors like oxygen sensor is suggested for offices.

While oxygen is necessary for survival of humans, lack of oxygen in door environment can pose serious threat to human health and well being. Oxygen sensors in indoor environment can sense reduced oxygen levels which can cause reduced activity, breathlessness, nausea, body pain and discomfort to the occupants. Thus, HVAC systems have an inbuilt oxygen sensor.

Indoor Air Quality Instruments-Equipments Oxygen Meter -Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Oxygen (O2) using Oxygen Sensor

 Oxygen is measured using O2 meter which has inbuilt gas sensor i.e. oxygen sensor. It gives an instant feedback with oxygen levels. Its built-in alarm warns against dangerous O2 levels as and when detected by Oxygen sensor. The portable O2 Meter with properly calibrated oxygen sensor is designed to measure air quality compliance in occupied spaces such as offices, production floors, schools or hospitals.

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