Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Relative Humidity (RH) using moisture sensor

Relative Humidity (RH) Monitoring using moisture sensor

Following article lists sources of indoor humidity, why measurement of indoor humidity by moisture sensor is necessary, harmful effects of very low or high levels of humidity on human health and how indoor humidity is measured using moisture sensor.

RH is the mass of water vapor divided by the mass of dry air in the volume in the air at particular temperature. It depends on pressure and temperature. Major sources of indoor humidity are outside air which bring in water vapors, leaking pipelines or open water sources which evaporate on heating and indoor plants. Proper levels must of humidity must be ensured by having a moisture sensor.

Humans are very sensitive to humidity. If the relative humidity is high, we feel more heat than the normal and sweats less. If the relative humidity is low, we feel much cooler than the actual temperature as our sweat evaporates easily. Moisture sensor helps to maintain ideal humidity inside. As inside temperature is different from the temperature outside, relative humidity differs accordingly.

Levels less than 20 percent in the winter and greater than 60 percent in the summer on moisture sensor should be considered unacceptable. Elevated relative humidity can promote the growth of mold, bacteria, and dust mites, which can aggravate allergies and asthma. Usually, relative humidity should periodically monitored with moisture sensor. If it is too low, the air feels ‘dry’. Low RH in the work place can cause soar eyes and throat.

RH meter with moisture sensor

 Relative humidity is measured using a RH meter which has inbuilt sensor i.e. moisture sensor. It gives an instant feedback with temperature and humidity measurement. Its built-in alarm warns against inordinate RH when detected by moisture sensor. The portable RH Meter with properly calibrated moisture sensor is designed to measure air quality compliance in occupied spaces.

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