Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) using VOC sensor

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Monitoring using VOC sensor

Following article lists sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) causing indoor air pollution, why measurement of indoor volatile organic compounds is necessary, harmful effects of volatile organic compounds on human health and how indoor volatile organic compounds are measured using VOC sensor.

Major VOC sources in buildings include furnishings, construction materials, maintenance and infiltration of external contaminants. As the boiling point of VOC’s is -19 degree Celsius, which is very low, hence, the molecule is evaporated at a very low temperature. The occupants whose workstations are beside the new furniture or cabins will inhale the same, which has the same. VOC sensor must be placed after such new jobs to discover unsafe levels.

Inhaling VOCs can cause uneasiness among occupants. VOC sensor can detect these compounds. Besides many health problems, for some sensitive people it might trigger other health problems like headaches etc. There must be proper ventilation near new paint jobs, furniture and cabins to ensure occupants don’t inhale VOCs.

Occupants inhaling the VOCs can feel breathing problem inside the premises until they are in. The moment they step out, they would feel better. VOC sensor in HVAC system can detect such problems. Continuous exposure might lead to loss of concentration, irritation while breathing which eventually leads to poor work performance.

VOC sensor in voc meter for IAQ monitoring

VOC sensor embedded in a VOC meter is used to measure levels of volatile organic compounds in a closed space. VOC sensor can measure and voc meter can sound an alarm when it is unsafe for occupants.

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