Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Ozone (O3) to reduce Ozone Pollution

Ozone (O3) Monitoring to reduce indoor ozone pollution

Following article lists sources of ozone causing indoor ozone pollution, why measurement of indoor ozone is necessary, harmful effects of ozone on human health and how indoor ozone is measured.

Ozone is actually generated in the Earth’s Stratosphere where Sun’s high ultraviolet rays encounter the Earth’s atmosphere. Outside air brings ozone inside causing indoor ozone pollution through HVAC systems. Printers, fax machines, xerox machines etc, emits ozone which is oxidized by the air (oxygen) and can be very harmful if inhaled by the occupants.

Ozone is a respiratory irritant produced by equipment that uses high voltage electricity. Photocopiers, ion generator and air cleaners can release ozone into the indoor environment. As these devices are normally used a lot in office buildings measuring indoor ozone pollution becomes a priority. Increase in number of these devices increases risk for humans.

Ozone by itself is harmful for the human health and skin. Direct exposure of Ozone can lead to severe skin issues. It actually reacts with Oxygen and produce oxides of oxygen. Ozone can harm lung function and irritate the respiratory system. Exposure to ozone and the pollutants that produce it is linked to asthma, bronchitis, heart attack, and other cardiopulmonary problems. Long-term exposure to ozone has been shown to increase risk of death from respiratory illness.

Ozone pollution check by Indoor air quality monitoringOzone pollution can be measured by use of good ozone meters in closed indoor environments. These meters give an alert on breach of safe limits for ozone indoors.

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