Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) to reduce Sulphur Dioxide Pollution

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Monitoring to reduce Sulphur Dioxide Pollution

Following article lists sources of sulphur dioxide causing indoor sulphur dioxide pollution, why measurement of indoor sulphur dioxide is necessary, harmful effects of sulphur dioxide on human health and how indoor sulphur dioxide is measured.

SO2 is extremely toxic gas and inflammable gas. It exist mainly in indoor environment of industrial facilities like refineries and power plants. In offices the main source of sulphur dioxide pollution is outside air which is circulated by HVAC system. Sulphur dioxide is also generated in activity related to burning and heating for maintaining indoor air temperatures in places with low average outdoor temperatures.

It causes chronic and acute effects in humans who come in direct exposure. Inhaling large amounts of SO2 can make a person get pulmonary disease for lifetime. Safety from indoor sulphur dioxide pollution is therefore a must and can be done by installing good SO2 meters. Increase in concentration of SO2 can affect the respiratory tract to the limit that it can permanently destroy it. Monitoring indoor sulphur dioxide pollution can save occupants from very harmful respiratory problems.

Sulphur Dioxide is highly toxic as it poisons the victim via inhaling the gas and burning the respiratory tract going to the lungs. High dose can even cause death eventually. Even short-term exposure to high levels of SO2 can have a detrimental effect on breathing function, particular for those that suffer from asthma. It causes breathlessness or heavy breathing for the occupants and they can be rendered sick for very long periods of time.

Sulphur dioxide pollution monitoringSO2 meter can provide exact reading via it sensors. Every individual equipment installed in a facility provides a reading, which eventually tells the level or amount of SO2 present in the indoor atmosphere. Based on the reading it is classified as sulphur dioxide pollution or not. Thereafter, precautions can be taken care well before-hand, eventually saving the occupants.

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