Temperature Monitoring for better indoor air quality (IAQ)

Temperature monitoring

Following article lists sources of indoor heat , why indoor temperature monitoring is necessary, harmful effects of extreme temperatures on human health and how indoor temperature is measured.

Indoor heat is generated by all the electrical appliances inside a building. Major sources of heat include computer systems, HVAC systems, internal heat radiation due to heating up of objects, server rooms and humans themselves. Improper temperature monitoring by HVAC systems can lead to discharge of heat indoors rather than outdoor.

Human body can survive in a limited zone of temperature. If temperature exceed above or drop below a certain level, it can cause massive discomfort and health issues to humans. Temperature monitoring helps to avoid the same. Even the indoor plants start to die in case of excess heat or cold. According to WHO (World Health Organization) the temperature shall be not more than 24 degree Celsius maximum.

In extreme temperature body reacts abnormally. Vital life functions cease to happen which might cause heavy respiration or even a cardiac arrest. It might also lead to multiple organ failure and severe damage to sensory organs. Temperature in different seasons must be maintained according to provide comfort to the occupants and healthy indoor environment.

Temperature monitoring for IAQ safetyIndoor temperature can be measured continuously by using a temperature monitoring device called a temperature meter.  It keeps track of safe temperature limits and sounds an alert if temperatures are not controlled. These temperature monitoring devices are also present in HVAC systems which automatically adjust to change in indoor and outdoor temperatures to maintain a safe indoor environment. Other IAQ measurement devices also offer temperature monitoring.

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