Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process explained below:

The following diagram shows the procedure and sequence for how the Indoor Air Quality Process gets implemented.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process

Following is the explanation for the steps for implementing Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process:

1) Site Inspection for the Facility:

Site Inspection consists of visual audit of a site for the consideration of critical points to prepare sampling plan. This is an important step as it builds the base for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process.

2) Preparation of a Sampling Plan:

It involves the creation of the Plan which is needed for Sample Collection and it contains consideration of critical points such as data center, server room, cafeteria, workstation etc.

3) Sample Collection by a Technical Person:

Collection of air samples is done according to sampling plan. The reason as to why a technical person collects the samples is that he has the required skills. He knows about instruments and its operations.

NOTE: In Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process, the collection should be done by the technical team only. No other person should collect those samples as it may lead to alteration in results. Any occupant shouldn’t enter within 5 meter(approx.) radius of the sampling point while taking a sample.

4) Sampling should be done as per the plan:

Set predefined procedures must be followed with regards to use of instruments. There shouldn’t be any alteration with the supposed plan as it leads to improper analysis.

5) Analysis of Air Samples:

This is an important part of the process. The samples are tested in the Laboratory and reading are taken as per the standards and the norms.

6) Reports of air samples:

The reports are received. The results obtained shouldn’t be altered here to maintain ethics and to find correct solutions to the problems which are being discovered.

7) Viable Solutions for problems discovered:

This is the final step of the Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process. The results of the Samples may come positive. In such cases, the solutions are found with help of consultants and experts. The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process is repeated again till the results come negative.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process is a very important procedure to be carried out. It includes coordination between IAQ Inspectors and Technical Persons.

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Process is termed as one of the basic Key Performance Indicator(KPI) for any Facility Management Official, as it is their prime responsibility to ensure employee health and safety.

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